The Internally Displaced People (IDP) communities of Manam Islanders and their impacted host villages have lost confidence and trust in the overall administration between the National Government and provincials insitutions responsible for finding solutions for their plight.  In the 15 years, the quality of life have deteriorated and the people’s morale are at its lowest, without any sense of belonging and uncertainty about their future.

The effectiveness of the past various attempts to resettle the people and the lessons learnt need to be reviewed.  That will inform the Board on the best approach to resettlemetn that reflects the people’s culture, values and identity and at the same time the well-being of future generations.

The people are not informed of the decisions the Government and its various institutions make that will affect their future.  There is also the legacy of lack of transparency and accountability around plans and its funding.

The Chairman Ken Fairweather recognize these issues.  He wants to establish trust with the people.  He wants the people to have confidence in his leadership of the Manam Resettlement Authority, take ownership of their situation and work with MRA to find permanent resettlement solutions.

For transparency and to keep the people informed, the Chairman will disseminate information on what he is doing through this website.  Pleas subscribe to the blog and follow us on Facebook for updates.

3 thoughts on “Trust, Accountability and Transparency”

  1. I hoped for neutrality and international requirements to be applied. Past work must be taken on board for accountability and transparency.

  2. Brilliant initiative, Chairman…..Our people have been kept in the dark for too long……Let the MRA roll out in 2019!

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