Hon. Kevin Isifu, MP

The Minister responsible for the Manam Resettlement Authority, is the Minister for Inter Government Relations, Hon. Kevin Isifu, MP.  He is also responsible for Provincial Affairs and National Disaster Centre.

Since his appointment in August 2017, the Minister has worked with the Governor for Madang Hon. Peter Yama and Member for Bogia, Hon. Robert Naguri, to address the plight of the Manam Islanders and their host communities.  This has led to the appointment of the Chairman of the Board.

As the Manam issue is complicated, the Minister has authorized an Independent Review to assess the achievements and effectiveness of the various agencies and initiatives to support Manam resettlement by looking at potential impacts and sustainability of outcomes and outputs.

The Review recommendations will inform the Minister and NEC, and particulary on new strategies for resettlement moving forward for the MRA Board’s consideration.

The Minister has taken ownership of the Manam Resettlement issue.  Through his Department (DPLGA), he will assist the Board and the Authority work towards achieving the goal of permanent resettlement of the Manam people, and their welfare as a development agenda, including their host communities.

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