The Board of the Manam Resettlement Authority is prescribed in the Act and consists of:

• An eminent and respectable person appointed by the National Executive Council (NEC) as Chairman;
• The representative of the Churches nominated by the Madang Provincial Government;
• The Madang Provincial Administrator, representing the Madang Provincial Government, who shall be the Deputy Chairman;
• The CEO of Bogia District Development Authority (DDA);
• One Bogia host community landowner representative, nominated by Bogia DDA;
• A Manam Island recognized leader, endorsed by Bogia DDA;
• A representative from a regonized NGO group working with the IDPs; and
• An officer from the Office of the Prime Minister or as nominated.

Women and children suffer the most in natural disasters and prolonged humanitarian disaster like the Manam displacement.  The Board will therefore have at least one (1) woman nominee.

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