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On Monday 14, January 2019 Head of Secretariat Ms. Kessy Sawang met with Treasury officials for information on funding to get work moving for MRA.

Previously, all the funding for Manam Resettlement Program has been chanelled through the Madang Provincial Administration.

The Independent Review authorised by the Minister will also look into how these funds were utlized to find permanent resettlement solution for the people – the success stories and failures to learn from.

The Chairman Ken Fairweather wants all funds for Manam Resettlement to come directly to the Manam Resettlement Authority and utilized for the Board-endorsed programs as per the approved Work Plan.

As per the PFMA requirements, no public funds shall be used until the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) approves the structure of the organization.

The Chairman has now directed the Secretariat to immediately work on the organization design, structure and job descriptions for the proposed positions for the Authority.  That is the number one (1) priority now.  Funding can only be released after this structure is approved.

The Board can be endorsed, but if there’s no organization to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Authority and implement the Board’s decision, we cant move forward.  This is one of the issue that cause the MRA to remain dormant last 4 years.

For immediate disaster relief needs, the Chairman urges the people to seek help through the Bogia District Development Authority, the Madang Provincial Government and the Disaster Office.

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