The Minister for Inter Government Relations, Hon. Kevin Isifu, MP in October 2018 authorized an Independent Review into the Manam Resettlement issue.  The Department of Provincial & Local-level Government Affairs (DPLGA) will lead the Review and it will be undertaken in the first quarter of 2019.   The TOR for the Review is reproduced below.

Terms of Reference (TOR)

Helping People taking ownership of their situation is the first step towards solution.

Background and Context

Papua New Guinea being located around the tropical region and along the Pacific Ring of Fire is prone to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, flood, cyclone, landslides, tsunamis and earthquakes.

PNG accounted for 25% of all the natural disasters occurred in the Pacific between 1950 and 2008. As such, PNG is ranked within the top 6 countries in Asia-Pacific as having the highest percentage of population exposed to earthquakes, and ranked  close behind the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vanuatu in having the highest percentage of population exposed to severe risks of volcanic eruption.

One of these disasters is the Manam Volcanic eruptions in the early 2004 which resulted in the evacuation of the people from the Island and placed temporary in three separate care centres along the north coast of Madang – Potsdam, Mangem and Asuramba plantations.

Unfortunately, after 15 years the people of Manam are still in the care centres, which indeed is a relief stage only whilst their long term future is still unknown.

The National Government in 2016 introduced the bill to establish institutional arrangements for long term planning and development for resettlement of Manam people – the Manam Resettlement Authority Act 2016

The Manam Restoration Authority has the following functions;

(a)     To identify and acquire land for the resettlement of displaced persons, including to negotiate with landowners in Anduram;

(b)     To provide services and infrastructure for the resettlement area, including building access roads, an airstrip, schools, aid posts and ensuring a safe water supply;

(c)     To provide for care centres and associated services, such as health care, education, food and a safe water supply, until such time as displaced persons are resettled;

(d)     To liaise with donors and international organisations to ensure services to displaced persons are properly co-ordinated and satisfy generally acceptable international standards;

(e)     To ensure that the human rights of displaced persons and the members of the host communities, being those people living in the Asuramba, Magem and Portsdam areas which host the care centres, are protected; and

(f)      To develop a process for displaced persons to apply for permission to return to Manam Island.

The Ministry of Inter Government Relations under which the National Disaster Centre is located and administered is now in the process of appointing an independent chairperson – to guide the operations of the new authority.

To assist the new Authority start objectively to plan for future of the people of Manam, it is advisable to undertake an independent review into many attempts to resettle the people of Manam.

The main objective of the review is to provide an independent assessment of various attempts in the  resettlement of Manam people and provide lessons learnt and recommendations for the new approach to resettlement that reflect people’s culture, values and identity and at the same time the well-being of future generations.

Five interrelated review outputs that support the achievement of the objective are:

Output 1:        Ensure that the people of Manam and their future is the centre of the review and any effort for resettlement so that the resettlement effort does not result in displacement of their culture and identity;

Output 2:        Provide guide to ensure balance between maintaining traditional and cultural identity and values of Manam people and at the same time ensuring future generations are given best opportunity to advance;

Output 3:        Ensure the lessons learnt provide platform for a very professional and unhindered establishment and operations of the new authority;

Output 4:        Provide guide to institutional and development partnerships for the new authority to collaborate and seek professional, funding and material support; and

Output 5:        Provide preliminary report on the assets that were purchased for the purposes of Manam restoration and resettlement and provide inventory to support new initiatives toward resettlement.


The purpose of the Independent Review is assessment of the achievements and effectiveness of the various agencies and initiatives to support Manam resettlement by looking at potential impacts and sustainability of outcomes and outputs.

The objectives are to:

  •  Assess the outcomes and outputs achieved through the resettlement and restoration interventions to date;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of resettlement activities in contribution to key objectives of the project;
  • Evaluate the impact and sustainability of resettlement activities on the Manam communities;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of project management and interventions;
  • Management of assets procured for the purposes of assistance to Manam people, including resettlement; and
  • Provide recommendation based on the evaluation findings, particularly on new strategies for resettlement moving forward.

The review has an additional purpose of drawing lessons, identifying good practices established as a result of the various initiatives for both of government and the authority that may help in improving the selection, enhancing the design and implementation of the new resettlement efforts

Scope of the Review

The Independent Review must provide evidence based information that is credible, reliable and useful. The Independent Review team will review all relevant sources of information including the how the previous government is used and their output, the management processes and sustainability and more importantly the involvement of the people of Manam in the process.

The review team is expected to follow a collaborative and participatory approach ensuring close engagement with the people of Manam, Manam Disaster Working Committee, the Bogia District administration, the provincial government, churches and NGOs and development partners involved in the care centres and resettlement initiatives up to now.

Engagement of stakeholders is vital to a successful and the review team place significant effort to meet and talk to the people of Manam as first priority.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables

The Independent Review shall report on the findings focusing on above listed criteria.  The main products from the review are:

  •  Inception report;
  • Presentation of preliminary findings to Ministry of Inter Government Relations and National Disaster Centre;
  • A draft report;
  • Responses to the comments on the draft report briefly explaining how the team addressed the comments;
  • A final evaluation report. It will be an independent and comprehensive document with annexes as necessary.

 Duration of the Review

The review is expected to take 3.5 months to complete.

  • Review of existing materials – 2 weeks
  • Consultation with the Manam communities – 2 week
  • Consultation with other stakeholders in Madang province – 1 week
  • Consultation with stakeholders at national level – 2 weeks
  • Inception report – 2 weeks
  • Presentation of preliminary findings to Ministry of Inter Government Relations and National Disaster Centre;
  • A draft report;
  • Responses to the comments on the draft report briefly explaining how the team addressed the comments;
  • A final evaluation report. It will be an independent and comprehensive document with annexes as necessary.

Legality of the Review

By virtue of the powers vested in me under Section 53 of the Local-level Governments Administration Act 1997, and Section 6 of the Manam Resettlement Authority Act 2016, I Honourable Kevin Isifu, MP, the Minister responsible for Provincial & Local-level Government matters hereby approve this Terms of Reference stated herein and authorize an independent assessment and review into all affairs of the Manam Resettlement program.

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